Many thanks for the pictures.

We will add them to our memories of Dive Downbelow and KK.

We had a terrific time.

The set-up, the gear and especially the staff made it a first-rate dive. I was very pleased with the extra time Richard and the others spent with the kids to make sure they had a great time.

As you know, I already recommended Dive Downbelow to Mike Kelly (he and
Amanda had a great time). And I will recommend you to everyone who asks.

We are already talking about our next trip to KK.

Say hi to Karen at Moonbell. (Mike and Amanda really enjoyed their meal

If you come through Singapore, please look us up.

Comments from Lauren & Alex:

“Thank you so much for a terrific diving experience.

I really enjoyed seeing all the wildlife and coral underwater, and seeing all the turtles!

I really enjoyed the food, and all your helpful staff and you. :)

I would immediately recommend it to my friends. :)

Thanks for everything.

We told our friend Mike & Amanda Kelley about it and their experience was like ours (except the turtles).

We really enjoyed having all those great dive sites to dive on.”

The kids are ready to go back!!

All the best,
Doug, Lauren + Alex Foy


Family Scuba Diving 3 Day Package