The PADI Advanced Open Water course is a fantastic way of continuing your scuba diving education!

There are plenty of PADI Specialties to choose from to experience a variety of scuba diving disciplines, such as underwater photography, enriched air diving, wreck diving, night diving and the list goes on!

One of our PADI Instructors, Pablo, is teaching the PADI Advanced Open Water course to two local clients who want to develop their passion of scuba diving.

A requirement of the course is to successfully complete skills of the deep dive and the underwater navigation dive.

Before conducting the deep dive, Pablo will assess the dive conditions as well as his students’ abilities. With his sound judgement, as expected of all professional divers, he will evaluate his students’ skill performance after a thorough briefing of what will be expected once at depth. Deep dives involve more considerations, so students must plan the dive conservatively, bearing in mind air consumption and possible physiological effects.

Dive planning is a skill mastered in the PADI Open Water course because it is a skill that must be done before every single dive! As for the underwater navigation dive the value of learning the skills involved are to instil in divers’ the confidence and independence to navigate along a reef for efficient dive planning. Knowing the bearings of, for example a shipwreck, divers are able to dive directly to the point of interest on that reef.

A PADI Advanced Open Water course consists of another three dives, of which the student may elect the scuba diving discipline they would like to experience.

One of our experienced PADI Instructors will also discuss with you the options that are best suited to the local dive practices within the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park.

Contact one of our friendly and helpful staff at our KK Times Square Head Office to peruse the choices of your PADI Advanced Open Water course!