netRecently, an organized team of our island staff team of certified and professional divers and our Go PRO interns, promptly removed an illegally discarded fishing net found by our PADI professionals.

A special guest who has been experiencing our daily dive package to explore the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park joined the team!

The crew completed their mission in a single dive and our resident Platinum PADI Course Director Richard Swann spotted a turtle close to the area where the net was only moments ago, proving our efforts of conservation make a positive difference!

It’s a wonderful feeling, to see marine life free in their natural environment and for us to protect our beautiful nature!

Conservation is a passion of ours and many of our programs involve a unique learning experience for travellers to Sabah to gain an appreciation and awareness on the benefits of preserving nature. Contact our Head Office to discuss a suitable itinerary for you to explore Sabah’s biodiversity!