Downbelow’s Dive Shop Crew recently returned from Kuala Lumpur where they were introduced to the latest and greatest in scuba products.

They returned baring gifts of products and knowledge, all of which are now available at our dive shop in Kota Kinabalu.

Highlights of a few new products at our dive shop in KK Times Square:

ScubaPro Glide Pro BC

ScubaPro Pro Glide BC with integrated weight system and QTSScubaPro’s Glide Pro Buoyancy Compensator is fully adjustable jacket with an integrated weight system.

The design ensures a streamlined fit and various features provide exceptional buoyancy control.

The front-adjustable design allows for an easy fit, whilst a wrap-around air cell ensures a streamlined outline through ergonomic inflation.

A 3-dump deflation system allows air-release from various positions, whilst the integrated pouch weight system with oversized buckles facilitates easy weight management.

Including other comfort features, the model we have in store also features ScubaPro’s QTS system with super cinch tank band.

The QTS system is considered to be one of the most secure, yet easiest to use cam locking systems for securing your tank to your BC.

All said, the ScubaPro Pro Glide BC offers the avid diver quality and comfort and is available at our dive shop in KK Times Square.

Light & Motion Sola Lights

Light & Motion is a forward thinking, cutting edge light manufacturer that specialises in high powered lights for diving and underwater video and photography.

Light & Motion's Sola Dive 500

We got our hands on a few of their outstanding products and are happy to be able to offer them at our KK dive shop.

The Sola Dive 500 in particular is a versatile gadget that is ½ the size of competing products, yet produces more light than any other focus light in the same price range.

The Sola Dive 500 presents a wide flood, which easily doubles as a general video light for the new cameras that are also video capable.

Depending on the setting, the flight produces a clean beam of between 125 and 500 lumens.

The wrist mount of Sola Dive 500 makes for a comfortable, no-grip diving, whilst still ensuring the light is always at hand.

The built in Li-ion battery can be externally charged in just 150 minutes, while providing up to 400 minutes of light at 125 lumens.

Considering size, weight and price, Light & Motion’s Sola Dive 500 is an easy choice for diving and photo enthusiast.

Downbelow’s dive shop in Kota Kinabalu also stocks the Sola Photo 800, which features a ball mount and red light, which enables divers to sneak up and focus on subjects without disturbing them.

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