Alice in the foreground is climbing Mt. K for 2nd time. Carol, in the back, is doing it for the 1st time.

You may able to tell from the picture above that Alice and Carol, Downbelow’s Travel Centre Managers, have an exciting weekend planned.

On Sunday the two set off to Kinabalu Park, where they will attempt to summit mighty Mt. Kinabalu. Adding to the excitement is the fact that Carol has never climbed Mt. Kinabalu before. Alice will be climbing for the 2nd time.

Either way, it’s a climb with a twist for both of them, as not only will they be summiting Mt. Kinabalu, but they will also doing it via ferrata, which is the scenic, chain-bridge and climbing-gear way of getting to the top.

Tough Cookies that they are, they’ve chosen the Low’s Peak Circuit, which is via ferrata’s most challenging route.

We’re hoping for good weather, but regardless of rain or shine, it will be cold where they’ll overnight at Laban Rata.

That’s why they’re all suited up.  From our Dive & Adventure Shop‘s outdoor section, they’ve picked up the right apparel to keep them toasty and dry, even when Mt. Kinabalu’s notorious cold comes knocking on their door.

Alice gets cold easily (our air-con is not that cold), so she’s chosen the German engineered, women’s Vaude Infinity jacket in mauve (which apparently is a colour). It’s a light-weight jacket rated for high-activity levels and features 3-layer eVent fabric that will keep her warm, but dry, even when she’s on the toughest part of the mountain.

Carol chose the fluffy, women’s Vaude Radium fleece jacket, made from 200 weight fleece, which zips up right to the top for a weather protective shell. It’s light-weight, so it’s easy to wear or carry up for protection during the cold night that awaits at Laban Rata.

We wish our intrepid managers a happy and safe adventure and look forward to lots of pictures of their journey and will duly report on it.

If you want to have a few adventures of your own, Mt. Kinabalu or otherwise, or fancy some of the gear we have in our shop, why not drop by our office in KK Times Square for a look and a chat?