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The Downbelow Marine and Wildlife Adventures vision for our KK Dive Shop is coming together, and we’re looking forward to moving really soon!

Kota Kinabalu Dive Shop Supervisor Karen is really excited to be working in the new premises for our dive shop, especially catering to our clients needs to experience their many adventures in Sabah.

There’s no anxiety whatsoever concerning change in our operations, we’re actually somewhat impatient to begin the new phase of our operations! Not only will our Sabah Travel Centre and KK Dive Shop have more space, but the two floors above will be a special addition, which is a completely new venture for us!

Our clients visiting Kota Kinabalu and Sabah will find each and every facility of our operations to their benefit and convenience when exploring our beautiful ‘Land Below The Wind’! Can’t wait to get feedback from our guests on the spiral staircase that connects our dive shop and travel centre – buy your Suunto dive computer before booking your professional scuba diving internship program with our Go PRO advisors on the floor above!

Get more information about how our operations can create the perfect holiday for you to adventure Sabah, Borneo!