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Downbelow Marine and Wildlife Adventures staff team organise and underwater proposal for good friends Navin and Felisih!

It was a complete surprise for Felisih, as Navin requested for our team to keep it a secret from her – the plan ‘went off without a hitch’, and of course she accepted his proposal!

The story goes: Managing Director and resident Platinum PADI Course Director Richard Swann, created a story about a ‘Malaysian Ringfish’…get it!?
So, Richard and our dedicated and experienced PADI Instructors, as well as Navin and another friend Calvin (BOTH Instructors too!), guide the unsuspecting Felisih to a hidden ‘treasure box’, which contained the surprise wedding band and a note of sentiment. After inspecting the box for an unusually long time, Navin instructed his beau to open the box finally…before all divers ran out of bottom time!

It was a wonderful day of long-time friends scuba diving, and Richard cooked his special ‘Buried Chicken’ recipe, which was so delicious it was inhaled by both the island staff team and the ladies of Downbelow’s Sabah Travel Centre!

The lovely couple will need to think of something truly amazing that will beat such an awesome proposal as this…maybe climbing Mount Kinabalu…or our very exciting ‘Going Global’ trips, which is currently in its early stages of planning, but it’s happening very soon!

Get in touch with our travel experts to find out more about our near future developments for travel and tours packages to explore beyond Kota Kinabalu, Sabah!