trainees picks up fishing net

Downbelow is at war against illegal fishing nets found within Tunku Abdul Rahman Park (TARP) and that is why we have removed over 100 ghostnets from TARP for the past few years.

We always stress on the importance of keeping our environment clean and spread the message of conservation not only to our staff and trainees but to our guests as well.

We hope the love for nature can be instilled in everyone we meet and by the examples that we’ve shown.

So we were really happy to know that our instructor Mohd Fauzi a.k.a. Pablo together local trainee Kerry removed a small ghostnet that they found on their fun dive on their day off. Even though the net was small it still caught a few crabs and fishes. The boys did a great job in saving them though!

This shows that whatever you do or wherever you are, there’s always time to do something to help Mother Nature when help is needed. If you’re diving and stumble upon any discarded nets, do report them to your guides or to the local authorities as they can do countless damage if they are left in the ocean.

To our boys Pablo and Kerry, well done!