Sorry to bother you, myself, husband and 2 girls learned to dive with Mr Muscles! and Bruno last year and had a great time.

We have just been to the Dominican Republic and were very excited to dive again. All I can say is you run a great dive experience, they do not.

Had a bad time, 6 divers with 1 divemaster, running out of air after 10 mins, girls being told off for trying to equalize, expecting me to leave my 11 year old alone to swim 50m back to the boat, ordering my 13 year old back to the bottom, when we had all finished. Not a great experience at all and just thankful that we learned with you.

My girls have said they really didn’t enjoy this, but still want to dive again, especially if we were to come back to Kota Kinabalu.

Just wanted to say that you run a great team, please don’t change.

With Kind Regards
Suzanne Turner


Downbelow Runs a Great Dive Experience