Diving Kota Kinabalu, Sabah: Downbelow’s island crew dives everyday, so who can blame the office staff when we long for some diving action every now and then? It all happens just 10 minutes from Downbelow HQ after all.

Office Girls in the WaterOf Downbelow’s 13 office-based staff, 9 are divers.  Between us we now hold 3 Discover SCUBA Diving, 3 Open Water Diver, 1 Advanced Open Water, 1 Open Water SCUBA Instructor and 1 IDC Staff Instructor certifications.

Last weekend 4 of our office staff took to the water to help each other out.

Joanne and Ev kept their instructing skills sharp by presenting the Advanced Open Water Course to Alice & Sarah.

On dry land, and in the office, Joanne and Ev are Downbelow’s Marketing Director and Regional Manager respectively, whilst down below they are IDC Staff Instructors and Open Water SCUBA Instructors respectively.  Alice & Sarah are Travel Consultants in the dry, and were Open Water Divers in the wet.

Over 2 days, Sarah completed her Advanced Open Water Diver course, plus a couple of specialities including Peak Performance Buoyancy. Alice completed day 1 and is expected back on the island later in the month to complete day 2.

The next few weeks will see more of the staff get back in the water for diving fun and to up their qualifications.

Not only do we encourage our non-island staff to dive more often, but with Downbelow’s KK Dive Club we also encourage Sabah’s locals and residents to do the same.  By joining the club you get discount diving, enabling you to dive down below more often.

Drop by our KK Times Square office or email us direct and find out how to dive more for less.