Downbelow is very passionate about conservation and though our main business is scuba diving and travel, that does not stop us from being nature-centred.

We commit to designing experiences and providing courses that foster appreciation, awareness and conservation of the environment. Our responsible tourism policy includes actions such as using filtered water rather than bottled water and reducing the usage of plastic items.

Our island team clean the beach every morning and pick up marine debris be it on the sand, floating on the ocean or trapped between the coral reefs.

Our main office team is on the agenda of conservation as well. Recently they collected 2 boxes of unwanted papers and sent them for recycling. Of course these are papers with prints on both sides. Papers with a blank side are being used as our notepad!

What about you? Do you recycle? Everyone can do their part, no matter how small.

Reduce your plastic usage – bring your own bag when you go for grocery shopping and most importantly, mind your trash. Please dispose them in the rubbish bin.

Together everyone can make a difference.