intern gets job zanzibar

We received a piece of good news from one of our intern, Oliver Smeenk who completed a 4-month professional internship with us to become a PADI Staff Instructor. We are so pleased to know that Oliver has found work and all the knowledge and skills that he learned while he was here is being put to good use.

The following is his email that he sent.

Hi Richard,

Monday I started working at my new job as a Dive instructor on Zanzibar. The company I work for is called Scuba Do, and it is run by a Master Instructor and his wife who is an MSDT. It is nice to be one of the only IDC Staff Instructors on the island, and all week I have been partly in charge of the dive center. I wanted to thank you for the opportunities I got at Downbelow and I had an experience that I will always remember.

I hope all is well in KK.

Take care, and a happy new year

Olivier Smeenk