Dear Richard

Thank you for taking good care of me & Nigel yesterday. After a long spell of not diving it was good to have someone like you to dive with! As you found out, I am not great with swells and even choppy seas. I am usually quite good under water.

However, despite problems with my buoyancy and losing my snorkel, I did enjoy myself – really!

You and your team were great – patient and very helpful. Don’t know if Nigel mentioned it – we used to have a hotel in UK but now have a holiday apartment here in KK, just to keep us out of mischief! I have previously referred some of our guests to you after reading the comments in Trip Advisor. Our guests were very happy with your service.

However, I felt that we need to try you out for ourselves – especially as we are living here, and to be able to advice and answer any questions our guests may have with regards to diving/snorkelling. We meant to come and dive with you a while back but events get in the way.

We knew and have tried some of the other operators (some are friends) but are happy to recommend you to our guests as I felt that you will look after their interests and safety.

You have rekindled our interest in diving again and hopefully will see more of us next time. Nigel is very happy with the pictures he took (or rather you took for him).

Theresa Rogers