Downbelow is the first dive centre in Malaysia to hold the PADI Green Star Award

This week we again underscored our commitment to the environment when Downbelow became the first dive centre in Malaysia to become PADI Green Star certified.

Many divers fall in love with the underwater world when they first experience this unique realm of the planet and it often ignites the desire for conservation, to preserve these sights and sites for future return visits.

It is therefore in the interest of not just the earth’s oceans, but divers too, to choose an environmentally conscientious dive centre, like Downbelow, that implements sustainable practices for their business.

This is why PADI recently started a new program; the PADI Green Star Award™.

The PADI Green Star Award™, from the dive centre’s point of view, is a program that helps us identify our environmental footprint and a range of actions that we can take to further reduce any negative effects.

For divers, it’s an easy way to identify and choose a dive centre that is dedicated to conservation and working for the environment through every aspect of the diving business.

The program deals with, amongst other things, water conservation, energy use, environmentally friendly transportation practices, optimized waste management, use of sustainable materials, conservation leadership (arranging Project AWARE events, conducting environmental awareness courses, etc.), paperless interactions with their PADI Regional Headquarters and donations to Project AWARE.

Downbelow illustrated our ongoing efforts and systems already in place, which qualifies us as the 1st dive centre in Malaysia to gain the PADI Green Star Award™.

The rating is a long term commitment to the environment and as such we will continuously strive to find new ways of further reducing our environmental footprint.

Therefore, when you choose to dive with Downbelow, you can do so with the peace of mind that you choose to dive with a friend of the environment.