Downbelow's current batch of PADI Divemaster Interns in Kota Kinabalu, with PADI Course Director Richard far right

It’s been a while since our current batch of PADI Divemaster interns enjoyed some attention on the blog, what with all the groups we’ve had to focus on at the dive centre recently.

Now, seeing as how are in between waves of eager adventurers and divers occupying our beach house dive centre, focus shifts back to our hard-working interns.

Resident PADI Course Director Richard Swann took them out to deeper waters recently, to give them the opportunity to practice the Deep Dive Scenario, a vital skill component of the PADI Divemaster course.

While keeping a keen eye to ensure quality and requirements levels were obtained, the 3 divemaster interns illustrated their command of knowledge and skill to pull off a successful practice session.

Our divemaster candidates are nearing the big day, when they will be tested on their skills and knowledge and will hopefully qualify as fully fledged PADI Divemasters.