The new AWARE Shark Conservation Speciality course is easy to add on to one of our normal diving days and gives an interesting dimension to other, complementary courses.

That’s how experienced Divemaster Tim enhanced his Nitrox speciality course that he did with Downbelow recently.

Seeing as how it’s Big Shark Shout Out Week, we introduced the course to him and wanting to make a stand for the right of sharks, he added the AWARE Shark Conservation Speciality to his diving day.

James, one of Downbelow’s newest AWARE Shark Conservation Speciality Instructors, took Tim under his wing to impart his wealth shark knowledge.

With the Shark Conservation Speciality under his belt, Divemaster Tim will be equipped with the knowledge of how to make a difference in the fight for shark rights.

Big Shark Shout Out Week is on until 23 October, so there is still time left for your to stand up and make yourself heard for this important cause.

Check out Tuesday’s post if you’re stuck for ideas on how to make an impact.