Discover Scuba Divers from China along with Downbelow's Instructors and Interns

Downbelow’s Gaya island Dive Centre is abuzz with interns, which makes for a very fun and productive atmosphere.

Yesterday a Discover Scuba Diving group from China had the benefit of both the fun and the productivity as our interns applied the people’s skills and knowledge they’ve been learning on their scuba diving internship here in Malaysia.

Wellson and Cyril, Downbelow’s Instructors, lead the interns and formed a teaching task team that cocooned the Discover Scuba Divers from China in good, clean (and safe) diving fun.

The 2 instructors took care of teaching, ensuring the group understood the knowledge, the concepts of diving and the required skills, while interns Tiago, Sam and Paul observed to gain experience and assisted in keeping the group safe.

The group bonded well and made for a memorable experience for the interns and certainly the Discover Scuba Divers from China who had loads of fun and an enjoyable day out with Downbelow.

Discover Scuba Diving is great way to try diving, as non-divers can dive in 1 day. Find out more from our Discover Scuba Diving page, and get in touch to experience diving for yourself.