IDC Borneo candidates ready

Excited candidates of our next Instructor Development course are presented with the educational materials they will need to efficiently teach as they live the diving dream!

Timmy, Danielle and Danny are soon to develop their skills to the level of PADI Instructor to successfully complete the Instructor Development Course starting January 27th.

Our candidates receive a PADI Crewpack each from their PADI Platinum Course Director Richard Swann. Each candidate is given the training tools to teach their students, application forms for their PADI Instructor Examination and brochures to develop their career in scuba diving instruction.

Richard and his Go PRO team of PADI Instructor Trainers encourage our Downbelow interns to independently study before the start of their Instructor Development, to prepare as best as possible for mock examinations.
During the course any practical elements of dive instruction, such as in water teaching presentations or level of supervision, can be practised repeatedly for a great performance during the 2-day instructor exam.
We hold five Instructor Development courses every year at Downbelow and each are conducted directly before the pre-scheduled Instructor Examinations in Kota Kinabalu; and the next one will be February 12th and 13th!

All at Downbelow are wishing our candidates Timmy, Danny and Danielle all the best and are committed to deliver the high standard of Downbelow training during their course! Watch this space for an introduction to more IDC candidates joining soon!

Find out more when you contact one of our friendly and experienced Downbelow Head Office staff. Provide us with information of your time availability and the goals you wish to achieve and you will receive your tailored Downbelow Go PRO internship program.