downbelow program on the news

Our conservation charity program “Coral for Life” where we hosted more than 50 kids from the local orphanage made it into Monday’s edition of the community section in Sabah’s top English-language newspaper.

In case you missed it in our news, the “Coral for Life” program brought the kids to our PADI 5-Star IDC Dive Centre where they started the day by listening to a briefing about corals and their importance to the marine eco-system. Then after cleaning up the beach and seeing with their own eyes where the rubbish they throw onto the ground ends up they tried their hands at replanting damaged corals on special blocks that our tram designed, they had the chance to see live & healthy corals through a snorkeling session.

The newspaper article featured a photo of some of the kids gently handling a planted coral on a cement block during the coral replanting process.

We hope the article can raise awareness about the importance of taking care of our ocean specifically the corals.

We are passionate about the ocean environment and its great to share this passion with the kids, who we hope one day will become ocean and environmental ambassadors themselves.

“Coral for Life” is an on-going program.