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Climbing Mount Kinabalu? Our Sabah Travel Centre suggest you don’t forget your sunglasses…for real!

Jose, our Portugese client, was truly thankful to have his sunglasses at hand when he was descending via Ferrata – the Lows Peak circuit. As soon as the sun rose over the horizon and lit up the Crocker Range valleys, the sunshine continued, and all the way throughout Jose’s mountain climbing activity.

He definitely worked up a sweat as the wind was so mild! Comforts are maximised due to our Sabah Travel Centre’s exceptional customer service, as we refer all climbing guests to our ‘Preparation and FAQ’, where a list of highly suggested items to pack is available to view.

Our Expedition Borneo groups are also offered such packing lists so they are prepared for any eventuality in each and every one of their adventure activities during their 30-day program exploring Kota Kinabalu and Sabah!

In our Kota Kinabalu Dive Shop, our Supervisor orders, the variety of adventure gear stocked, based on our clients needs and enjoyment.

Get more details when you contact our Sabah Travel Centre to create a suitable itinerary for your mountain climbing activity and any other adventure or experience program in Sabah!