We are in the dark for a reason yesterday! 5th June 2013 is World Environment Day and to mark highlight and celebrate the wonderful day, we switched off half of our lights in the office.

The office team took some time out from their busy work to take a group picture.

Our team is aware of the importance in taking care of nature and that is why plastics and styrofoam are banned in the office. All of us either use recyclable containers or paper boxes for our food take-aways.

Printouts are also minimized to the max. We print only when needed and print double-sided to reduce paper use.

On the business side, we practice responsible tourism meaning using filtered water rather than bottled water, reducing the usage of plastic items by using recyclable bags, using responsible and local businesses for services, and reducing the ecological footprint of our office.

We also conduct regular Project Aware beach & underwater clean-ups, include marine & environmental conservation educational information within every dive and snorkel briefing whilst maintaining the element of fun learning. Do take time to read more about our conservation activities and photo gallery.