After 2 weeks of learning diving skills, data gathering practise and most of all – having fun – it was time to say goodbye to the students of Cardiff University.

The budding scientists who are studying for their Bachelors, Masters & PH.d Degrees came to us to help them become better divers and learn how to research and collect marine data.

We are happy to report that all of them qualified as divers and also learned underwater buoyancy skills. They were also fortunate to have encountered a turtle and a rare porcupine stingray during one of their transect dives. Another impromptu activity was participating in the removal of an illegally dumped fishing net that was threatening the marine animals & coral reef.

We hope these experiences and events will keep their love for the ocean strong and burning bright.

For us it was a big honour to have the opportunity to share our knowledge with these future marine scientists because the work that they do in the future will be used by world’s policymakers to make decisions that will greatly impact the environment.

We look forward to more university students like them to come over and have fun whilst learning to dive with us & completing their field study. If your school or university is looking for a location to complete a marine-related field trip, then do consider Downbelow in Borneo.

Contact us today and let us know what you need and we will arrange accordingly!