Kota Kinabalu and Sabah has been experiencing seasonal rainstorms for several weeks, however it does not deter our island activities, especially with our scuba diving programs! Seasonal rainstorms keep the country green and the air fresh, showers begin around 3-4pm daily and last a few hours. Bright blue skies then return the following morning !

Managing Director and resident Platinum PADI Course Director Richard Swann is an avid underwater photographer and joins the leisure dive boat to check out the conditions our diving clients experience.

Photography is an excellent dive activity and most popular with all marine enthusiasts, not just divers! It’s difficult to explain the sights to loved ones at home and much more effective to capture it in a photo or video.

Our Dive Centre facility on Gaya Island offers a range of underwater cameras to rent to our clients for their activity, and they’re quite popular so do arrange ahead of time with our Head Office staff to update our island staff team to set one aside. One of our experienced and professional PADI Instructors’ will also show you the settings to get the most out of your rental equipment!

Get in touch to explore the incredible biodiversity of the underwater rainforests of Tunku Abdul Rahman Park on one of our island activities!