Kina Room at the the jungle resort we stayed at

Although we have always enjoyed the challenges of basic accommodation at the Kinabatangan River, new luxury rooms at Bilit Adventure Lodge are a real treat.

Twin, Triple and Double bedded rooms with air-con and hot showers have been built and provide a very comfortable stay at the lodge.

A visit to Sabah would not be complete without visiting this region, which is acknowledged by experts to be the most varied and easily accessible river in all of Southeast Asia.

The inside of the accommodation at the jungle resort where we stayed

Bird lovers will find the bird watching incredible: all 8 of Borneo’s hornbill species are seen regularly.

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Throughout various trips we’ve been fortunate to see Proboscis Monkey, Langurs, Orang Utan, Saltwater Crocodiles, Pygmy Elephants and the list goes on and on.

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Should you wish to visit the region we highly recommend Bilit Adventure Lodge, not only do they have new luxury accommodation rooms they also offer fan and dormitory options.

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