Downbelow was proud to be involved in helping Sabah into the Guinness Book of World Records for the Longest Underwater Cleanup which was held at 14 dive sites surrounding Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, Borneo.

The attempt took 7 consecutive days and nights from the 6th to the 13th April 2013 and involved 140 divers across different nationalities including our divers.

This project was initiated by Astro Kasih as part of its Beautiful Malaysia environmental project.

The world record is an amazing achievement and even better is the fact that more than 3 tons of garbage was removed from the ocean and we hope this will raise awareness to just how much we are destroying the ocean by throwing rubbish into the sea.

We conduct our own daily clean-ups on the beach in front of our dive centre but the rubbish always seems to return. Only when people change their habits and develop a love and understanding for the environment and its cleanliness will marine debris reduce. We feel that this movement for a cleaner ocean has begun – so lets support it – the ocean needs us all !

Here is the weight break-down of the man-made debris picked up from the ocean during the event;

Plastic Materials: 1560.664 kg
Glass & Ceramics: 140.440 kg
Paper & Cardboard: 5.350 kg
Metal: 318.360 kg
Rubber & Cloth: 357.340 kg
Wood & Mixed Materials: 716.610 kg
Nett: 3098.764 kg

We hope more projects like this can be held and of course, Downbelow will support it all the way.