PADI Course Director Richard in the background on the boat with the Advanced Diver students, while in the foreground lots of chilling is taking place.

Our Borneo Adventure group spent their last day on the island yesterday.

While resident PADI Course Director Richard Swann took the advanced students through their final knowledge reviews and dives, the rest of the group took the opportunity to sun themselves on the tranquil shores of our beach house dive centre.

In the afternoon, as the clouds moved in over Gaya island, the group moved out to spend 1 night on the Kota Kinabalu mainland.

Today they head to Downbelow’s HQ in KK Times Square where they will be briefed before taking on their next adventure: Sabah’s Salt Trails.

Over the next 5 days the adventurers will be trekking the jungle paths that are the Salt Trails, winding along the ridges of the Crocker Range mountains.

They will encounter dense tropical jungle, isolated village settlements, all sorts of weather conditions, a variety of bugs and yes, leeches.

All part of the Borneo Adventure, which of course, will be documented right on this blog.