Our recent group of Borneo Adventurers crossing a river on the Salt Trails

The next batch of our Borneo Adventurers has arrived and is exploring Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

They are out our Gaya island dive centre learning to dive at the moment, but before they arrived on the island, they jungle trekked the Salt Trails along the ridges of the Crocker Range Mountains.

The Salt Trails is one of the popular jungle trekking routes we offer, which is a great nature outing and jungle experience for smalls groups.

Such is the Salt Trails that you never really know what to expect other than lots of virtually impenetrable jungle and river crossings.

This group, however, struck it lucky – because their trail started with spotting the largest bloom in the world – the Rafflesia.

Quite a rare occurrence, the Rafflesia takes ages to mature and in the end has a bloom that only lasts a few days. One of the icons of Sabah, it’s a sought after sight, missed by most visitors due to how difficult it is to find.

And oddity about the Rafflesia bloom, is that it has evolved to attract insects – vital to help it pollinate and procreate – in the oddest of ways. The bloom mimics rotten flesh, both in appearance and in odor.

Therefore, great as the sight of Rafflesia is, it’s difficult to hang around one too long.

Nevertheless, our Borneo Adventure group had the very rare honour of being able to cross the Rafflesia of their Sabah “Must Do” List.

Next, they’re working on crossing off “Become a Scuba Diver”.

The rare Rafflesia flower in bloom.