Our Dive Shop is offering an awesome promotion on scuba diving equipment right now!

The ‘Basic Package’ option includes the ‘Essentials’ and the ‘Accessories’, which can be purchased separately, and caters to the recreational diver, as well as the professional diver who is just beginning their Go PRO career.

The ‘Essentials’ of the ‘Basic Package’, offered at the promotional price of RM2,616, includes the following pieces of scuba diving equipment:

  • Sherwood Scuba Silhouette BCD
  • Sherwood Scuba Brut 1st stage + regulator
  • Sherwood Scuba Octo
  • Sherwood Scuba 2-in-1 Gauge Console

Sherwood Scuba’s Silhouette BCD prioritises peak performance buoyancy and its durable materials will last many, many logged dives too! When purchasing a BCD, it’s best to try it on for fit to judge for individual comfort.

The Brut 1st stage + regulator model and Sherwood Scuba’s Octo are pieces of dive equipment that prove the reputation of Sherwood Scuba’s typical reliability and functionality to endure many dive adventures for a long time to come!

The ‘Accessories’ of the ‘Basic Package’, priced at RM495 as part of our equipment promotion, includes the necessities for all divers.

  • Pointer
  • Seapro SMB
  • Pocket mask
  • Remora knife (hydralloy)
  • Suunto SK7 (Wrist/Console Mounted)

A pointer and the Seapro SMB (surface marker buoy) cover the visual and audible signalling devices that are part of every divers’ standard equipment needs.

The pocket mask is small enough to store in any BCD pocket, of which all BCD’s offered in the ‘Essentials’ of the ‘Basic Package’ have a zipped pocket feature for more security!

A knife, such as the Remora hydralloy, is always a tool that proves useful in any problem situation; freeing a helpless marine animal from an entanglement for example!

The Suunto SK-7 Compass is offered as a Wrist Mount or Top Mount to attach to the Suunto 2-in-1 Gauge Console!

Each piece of equipment has been selected carefully with the recreational diver wanting their own set of equipment and the newly qualified professional diver to begin their scuba diving career and meeting the PADI standards for necessary equipment!

Come and visit us at our Dive Shop in KK Times Square to check out each item of our ‘Essentials’ and ‘Accessories’ of the ‘Basic Package’ equipment promotion. Our Dive Shop Assistants will offer their expertise for you to begin your dive adventures!