It’s the festive season of Christmas, and it’s a time of giving in may cultures! In the diving culture, giving is in the form of marine conservation, and once again a team of Pro Divers of our island staff team protect the marine life and its coral reef habitat in TAR marine park!
A fishing net was found to be illegally discarded on to the delicate corals of a regularly frequented dive site, which began an irreversible cycle of death of marine life, and inevitably this upsets the balance of the marine ecosystem!
It is our duty as dive professionals to offer any support to our local environmental authorities to protect and preserve the marine environment in the local community!
It’s been a decade, and we have removed in excess of 100 ‘Ghost Nets’ from the parameters of the marine park, and all conservation programs have been fully-sponsored by us – with experienced staff, dive boats, equipment, and of course enthusiasm and passion for our underwater office!
Any and all divers can help out – pick up a piece of marine debris and fit it into your BCD jacket pocket when you next go diving, and we suggest you dive a tool or knife to free any marine life you might come across that is caught in a fishing line!