As a Tours and Travel Company, our responsibility and passion is to provide our clients with the best adventures Sabah has to offer! So one weekend was arranged to explore the accommodation and nature trails of Mesilau Nature Park.

The lovely ladies of our Head Office team brought snuggly jumpers, wine, chocolates and lots of enthusiasm for the overnight expedition!

Mesilau Nature Resort offers serene mountain lodge accommodation at 2000m above sea level, where the climate is cooler and the views of the Crocker Range Mountains are spectacular!

The Nepenthes Rajah, a species of Pitcher Plants, is endemic to Mesilau and easily accessed by visitors with an experienced guide.

Mesilau Nature Resort is a very special and beautiful area of Sabah! If you wish to visit the area on a 2 day 1 night trip, or stay 1 night at Mesilau Nature Resort and acclimatize to the altitude before climbing to the summit our Head Office staff can offer their firsthand experience and arrange a suitable program!