The 18 Danes taking part in the Project AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Course

Before the great Danish adventurers vacated Gaya Island last week, Downbelow’s resident PADI Course Director Richard had one more course in store for them.

All our group programs have a conservation component to them, intended to foster a greater awareness and a love for taking care of the marine environment, which participants will enjoy.

Very apt for when groups are learning to dive is the Project AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Course.

It opens the world of corals to divers right when they are going to experience it first-hand and up-close and illustrates the importance and complexity of coral and reef systems.

While explaining the threats facing our oceans’ corals, the course also outlines how we can make a difference through organisations like the non-profit Project AWARE Foundation.

The course presentation is follow by, of course, a dive. The object simply being to enjoy the coral-scapes and to apply the knowledge learned.

For more info about the Project AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Course, check the speciality course section on this site.